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logomakr_8q37pcJean is passionate about supporting Individuals, Micro Businesses and Small Business Owners to grow and achieve the success they desire. She has trained and supported many individuals to start and run their own businesses.Jean’s clients often need help around issues of self- worth, redundancy, money and relationship issues.However, this may also include quality management , cashflow, marketing etc . Jean is a Business Consultant based in Watford but also covers Herts, Beds and Bucks ( Three Counties) .

Jean offers effective and practical consultancy incorporating her skills as a coach and mentor, to provide fast and effective solutions.

Embracing her experience and knowledge of business, along with her intuitive and empathetic approach, Jean  as a Business Consultant is well placed to help you see past bumps and obstructions in your path

As a Business Consultant Jean will engage with you through:

  • Understanding your current mindset and challenges
  • Empowering you back into the driving seat
  • Designing your personal goals and objectives
  • Planning and implementing change
  • Monitoring progress.

In engaging with you she will support you to:

  • Identify limiting beliefs
  • Gain Clarity
  • Realign your focus and intentions
  • Improve personal and business performance
  • Provide tools and resources
  • Offer Peer to Peer support
  • Extend network and contacts.
  • Provide practical support.

This will all lead you towards building Emotional Resilience in both your Personal Life and Business Growth.

Jean covers the Home Counties- Herts , Beds and Bucks  and offers Skype / telephone sessions in addition to face to face consultations.

Please contact Jean for a free, no obligation chat.

Hello@jeanflower.co.uk or call  on  07795564167


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